Why replacement parts?

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Brian Devereaux

We believe that guitar players are on a quest for perfection. Not only do they want the best tone, they’re completely devoted to taking the necessary steps to get there.

We know this very intimately because this is the same journey we’re on. And since embarking on this mission, we’ve learned a critical principle that many others have also discovered.

Every single component matters.

We know that the electric guitar is one of the truest and purest examples of the whole being greater than the sum it’s parts. When it comes to tone, each piece of the equation is vital to the outcome. The guitar is a living, breathing, organic object. Wood, metal, plastic, magnets and electricity blend seamlessly together to create something truly magical. And each individual part either lends to or takes away from that magic.

We also know that not all instruments are final. They can be customized, enhanced, improved upon and refined. While there are arguably more amazing instruments being produced today than ever before, there is always room for improvement.

We see value in selling parts and accessories because we believe in the pursuit of perfection. We’re striving for components made from the best materials and with the highest quality. We’re hunting for nothing but the best.

Come and join us.

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