TonePros AVR2 (ABR1 Replacement)
TonePros AVR2 (ABR1 Replacement) Aged Gold Nickel

TonePros AVR2 (ABR1 Replacement)

Now equips both standard ABR1 posts as well as Nashville posts.*

With it's vintage appearance, improved tone, longer sustain and 100% reliability, the AVR2 delivers exactly what players with vintage LPs need. 

Utilizing superior design elements that upgrade the functionality from the original ABR1 design, TonePros' advanced engineering provides more intonation room than an original ABR1 while holding each individual saddle tightly in place. Not only does this bridge lock securely, it’s entire design and functionality have been overhauled while still maintaining the exact vintage look. The wire is strictly cosmetic and can be removed without affecting performance. 
    •  Thread: 6/32 US Thread (ABR1 Thread) 
    •  Post to Post Spacing: 2.91" or 73.75mm
    •  Saddle Options: Un-Notched, Un-notched Nylon
    •  Saddle Material: Brass, Nylon
    •  Bridge Material: Zamak 
    •  Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
    •  Radius: 12"

Type: Guitar Bridge

Vendor: TonePros


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