TonePros VTNA (Standard Aluminum Wraparound)

TonePros VTNA (Standard Aluminum Wraparound)

Maintaining vintage tone but still able to keep the guitar in tune, the TonePros vintage aluminum wraparound is everything a true tone connoisseur would ever want.

With the TonePros “Invisi-fulcrum”, this wraparound has a true fulcrum point that is literally invisible to the eye, intonating vintage-style wraparound guitars like never before. Made entirely from aluminum, the correct vintage material that wraparounds were made from in the 1950s, gives this part the brightest tone available to tune-o-matic guitars. An absolute must-have for the vintage tone enthusiast.

US Standard
    •  Thread: 5/16 – 24 US Thread
    •  Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22" or 82mm
    •  Saddle Notch: None
    •  Bridge Material: Light-weight (AKA "featherweight"), high-grade, vintage-spec aluminum
    •  Stud Material: Brass
    •  Stud Cap Size: 13mm or .5" (Standard Gibson)
    •  Radius: 10.5"
    •  String Spread: Approx. 10.4mm



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