TonePros LPS02 Set (Standard Un-notched Bridge & Tailpiece)

TonePros LPS02 Set (Standard Un-notched Bridge & Tailpiece)

This is the TonePros "Nashville" style set. This bridge and tailpiece combo gives you everything you need to completely retro-fit your guitar.

Quality manufacturing and superior design make TonePros products 100% reliable with virtually no saddle play. TonePros components not only increase the sustain and resonance of the entire guitar, they also deliver perfect intonation and rock-hard stability you can always count on.

    •  Bridge Post Thread: US Standard 
    •  Bridge Post to Post Spacing: 2.93" or 74.5mm
    •  Saddle Notch: Un-Notched Saddles 
    •  Saddle Material: Zamak
    •  Bridge Material: Zamak
    •  Bridge Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
    •  Radius: 12"
    •  Tailpiece Stud Thread: 5/16 – 24 US Thread
    •  Tailpiece Stud to Stud Spacing: 3.22" or 82mm
    •  Tailpiece Material: Zamak
    •  Stud Material: Brass



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